The Perfect Answer is a Live Medical Answering Service that helps you stay in touch with your patients. Besides being an answering service, we can help in the organization of your company. Instead of answering the telephone your office staff can focus on their daily jobs or routines. All calls coming into the answering service will be answer by a Live Call Agent or our optional Front End Voicemail System. If cost is a key factor to not using an answering service the Front End Voicemail System alleviates that problem.

With many answering services to choose from you should not also go for the lowest price. Most answering services
cannot handle calls for the Medical Community properly. Their customer base is made up of a few Physician Offices,
Apartment Complexes, General Companies, and Order Taking accounts. Their Call agents have no training in the Medical Field and HIPAA. The Perfect Answer only handles Medical Accounts. Our Call Agents understand the difference between a medical emergency and a patient attempting to get pain medicine at 5pm on Saturday. The worse thing for a physician is to be woken up at 2am for a call that should not have been paged out. All answering services that handle Medical Accounts should be:

Philippines, and have at least 85% of their account medical. Their Call Agents should have some training in medical policy and procedure and the answering service system should be up to date with technology. The Perfect Answer can say we comply with all of the above.