Upon setting up your account, the answering service will supply your practice with a call forward number.  This call forward number is dedicated to your practice only.  As calls come into the answering service, only your account information is displayed to the call agents.  To forward your calls check with your telephone service provider for the prefix code:

Example for At&t Customers:
*72 or 72# followed by the call forward number turns the service on
*73 or 73# turns the service on

Please click on the link for a SUMMARY OF THE HIPAA PRIVACY RULE Landing/summary/privacysummary.pdf The Perfect Answer believes that personal medical records are private and must be protected. As a provider of medical services, The Perfect Answer plays an important role in safeguarding the flow of information between patient and doctor. The Perfect Answer understands the importance of protecting this information and the necessity of complete compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations. The Perfect Answer helps you manage and control your practice’s HIPAA compliance.  Our answering service takes patient information very seriously.  The protection of patients’ Personal Health Information (PHI) is ensured by our 128-bit encryption message delivery system.  All employees at The Perfect Answer undergo rigorous HIPAA compliance training and attend routine workshops.

The Perfect Answer is open and staffed 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  We are staffed and ready to answer your phones everyday and Holidays. (Religious or Federal)

The Perfect Answer is a month to month answering service that does not require contracts.  Our service is our Guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with our service and would like to stop working with us, Just let us know.  There will be no fees assessed to your account.  No one in the industry offers that!!!

NO.  Setting up your account is part of doing business.

Messages can be sent via: Fax, Email, Page (alpha or digital), Patch, Text, or you will receive a call from one of our operator via Home, Cell, or any number provided.

Integrated voicemail systems are becoming popular amongst physicians for 2 reasons: 

Cost and Information.

Cost:  Our integrated voicemail system allows patients the option to leave non-urgent messages within the voice mail while Doctors, Hospitals, and Patients with a true emergency are handled by a live operator and dispatched properly.  All callers remaining in voice have no effect on your call volume or agent talk time.

500 calls coming into the answering service.
250 of these callers press 0 and speak with the answering service
Total calls for this billing cycle is 250 calls.  That is a 250 call savings $$$.

Information:  Our integrated voicemail will instruct your callers of office policy and assist with HIPPA.  A greeting will come on that says, “You have reached the answering service for (Your Practice’s Name).  If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency please hang up and dial 911.  Our Office hours are Monday to Friday from 8am – 5pm taking lunch from 12pm – 1:30.  All Physicians, Hospitals, or patients with a true emergency please press 1 and you will be transferred to the answering service.

The next part of the greeting is how you want to handle your non emergencies.

Option 1:  Non emergency messages can be left in voicemail.  Once a message is saved your office can either call into our voicemail system and listen to it or you will receive an Email Notification with an attached .wav file allowing you to play the recording from your computer or smart phone.

Option 2:  You can instruct your callers they must call back during normal business hours not giving them the option to leave a message in voicemail or be transferred to the answering service.

Option 3:  The voicemail will instruct the caller to please remain on the line and the answering service will be right with you.

These are just some reasons and features why so many offices are starting to implement a front end greeting or voicemail.

Once your account is set up within our system the on call information can be given at check out each day, Faxed, or Emailed to our office on a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar.  Should changes arise all trained call agents can temporarily change the on call information within our system.

All call centers are equipped with a gas powered generator and UPS systems within the office.  We do not loss power.

We accept Visa, Master Card, or American Express.  Upon filling out an authorization sheet we can do a one-time payment or charge your credit card every billing cycle.  

Please click to download our form.

Most account can be set-up same day or on a future date.  This will depend on the size of your practice and how detailed your account becomes.  Once the information is entered into our system we will test all numbers, emails, and protocols.

The Perfect Answer can be the answering service for any Physician’s Office within the United States.  If your practice is located outside our local calling area we can supply you with an 800 number.  Most phone packages have free long distance included or the cost is insignificant to your savings by switching to The Perfect Answer.

To be compliant with HIPPA and assist your practice all calls are voice recorded and saved for one year.  These recording can be emailed as a .wav file and are used for training and quality control.

Messages are saved for one year.  Should you need a call log, recording, or message longer, let us know.  All messages can be sent to you by fax or email.

The Perfect Answer uses an integrated phone system designed by OnviSource called Onvi-Call.  OnviSource is the industry leading manufacturer of call center and answering service equipment.  Our system consists of a Data Server, Switch Server, Dispatch Server, and Voicemail.  All servers have a full back up with extra hardware on site.  To learn more about our system you can visit their website at www.onvisource.com